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One Sub or Two?

When I was given the opportunity to write a blog post I was very excited. The flood of ideas that came into my head was kind of overwhelming.

As I sit here ready to write my first entry, it’s not a matter of what to write but what is worth writing about. A good place to start is subwoofers; one or two? There are many reasons to have a subwoofer. They fill a void in our systems that give you the visceral impact while watching a big blockbuster movie. The “thud thud” of a T-Rex, the chest-pounding beat of a music soundtrack, the wall-shaking and china rattling that comes from an RPG or bomb blast on your favorite action movie. It makes that stand-up bass sound like Ray Brown or Charles Mingus intended, or the electric bass of Marcus Miller or John Paul Jones, or the thundering drums of Art Blakey or Tommy Lee. Any way you slice it, a quality subwoofer is an integral part to a music or home theater system. Here is something to think about; is there a need for two? Hmmmm?

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