Streaming quality audio


If it weren’t for the rocks in its bed, the stream would have no song.
~ Carl Perkins

If you have not heard, we turned 25 this year. That is a major milestone in the Hi-Fi world. We have seen a lot of things change in the Audio/Video business. One of the biggest changes is of course streaming and downloading music and movies. It has changed the way many of us listen and view our audio and video content.

The one thing that hasn’t changed is we still like our content to be of high quality. And luckily that is possible with devices like Sooloos from Meridian, and Marantz, who put things like Pandora and Spotify into their new line of receivers.

We have seen a large number of our customers that want to take advantage of these great streaming options, but they do not want to sacrifice quality over convenience.

Quality, that’s a large part of what we do here at Nuts About Hi-Fi. We try to carry what we think are the finest in audio and video components. But we also try to carry value in our products too. What good is it to carry a $160,000 pair of speakers if only a few can enjoy them? The great part is that a company like Focal loudspeakers uses the same technology in their magnificent Grand Utopias as well as their more modestly priced Chorus 706.

Build, design, fit, finish and above all uncompromised sound is paramount in our industry. Without those things you are not providing your customer with a product that you would own in your own home.

So, getting back to my initial point. Streaming… if done right and with quality being first and foremost, it can be just as viable as CD’s or even, dare I say, vinyl. As we like to say here, it’s all about content. Without decent content all that great sounding gear is useless.

Our hard drive based system Sooloos by Meridian is a fine example of streaming done right. It revolves around a hard drive that stores perfect bit-for-bit copies of all your cherished CD’s that you can access through a touch screen based interface unlike any other on the market. Having all your music stored in one location and having it in pristine quality is fantastic. The fact that we do all the loading of the music is just icing on the cake, and we keep a copy of your music just in case there should ever be a problem with the hard drive. It also comes with Rhapsody streaming online built into the interface. But the main thing is the quality, unsurpassed by anything else on the market.

If you find yourself in the market for a quality streaming device, a system that will give you years of quality listening with a high tech interface and storage enough for all your music, now and as your musical catalog grows, then you should consider Sooloos.

We look forward to the opportunity to showcase the Sooloos system for you in person.

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