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An 11 Out Of 10


Here is our latest testimonial from Robert who is, as you will see, a very satisfied customer and thrilled with his new 3D Projector.

HOLY S&#%T!!!!! – 11 stars

I watched Gravity in 3D last night. I was BLOWN AWAY!! The color was great, no contrast issues, no black level problems. I must admit with this JVC Projector the picture with Blu-ray was better than my old CRT in every way.

I cannot believe I just typed that.

Long story short, I am glad I purchased all three pieces of gear. I am glad I got them all through you guys.

Once again, Nuts About Hi Fi scores an 11 out of 10!


Video Calibration


Have you taken a walk through your local Big Box store lately? Have you noticed all of the TV’s on their shelves are set to stun?! And not in a way that Captain Kirk would be proud of. What I am talking about is how they are set to their highest light output levels, color and tint are pushed to blooming levels. All of the processing modes that these TV sets have to offer are on. Edge enhancement, sharpness enhancement, cinemotion drive, any way that the TV manufacturers can get their TV’s to look brighter, sharper and make them stand out from the rest of the TV’s on display. But, that is not a good thing when you bring those TV’s into your home, unless you are in need of a sun tan.

I guess it’s a pet peeve of ours as video installers when we see a TV or projector that is set up incorrectly. Most people open the box, put their TV on a stand or on the wall, maybe fool with the picture setting a bit, and then call it good. That is where calibration software and tools like a colorimeter come into play. Being able to correctly calibrate a projector or LED/LCD TV is best left to the experts. Nothing worse than messing up those settings on your brand new TV and now Anderson Cooper looks like George Hamilton. Not only does calibrating your TV or projector make the picture look better, but it also prolongs the life of the TV or projector by not pushing the LED’s or bulb (in a projector’s case) to their inherent limits. Bulbs and LED’s have a lifespan… best not to use them up before their time.

Nuts About Hi-Fi now offers full calibration of your TV or projector, new or old, LED or LCD. We have the tools to do the job. We feel it’s an investment in your video system that will help you enjoy it for many years to come. Give us a call and set up an appointment… your TV will thank you!

A Loudspeaker for Every Budget

Focal Grande Utopias

As a dealer for high-end audio/video, our job is to provide our customer with what we think are the best products that we can find. We often get asked the question “Why do you only carry one line of loudspeakers?” Well, when you have heard as many loudspeakers as we have the pleasure (sometimes not so pleasurable) of listening to over the last 30 or so years, you get the opportunity to be a bit particular in your listening. We have expectations for what a loudspeaker should do and not do, and at price points that will fit our customer base.

We have in our showroom just such a loudspeaker…Focal. We think (and many experts agree) that the Focal Grande Utopia is the finest loudspeaker on the planet. It’s also one of the most expensive. But Focal also makes products such as the Chorus 705, which is a bookshelf speaker that retails for $550 and has no equal in that price based on performance, looks and build quality. There are loudspeakers from Focal that will fit every budget, and every taste from classical to metal.

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Streaming quality audio


If it weren’t for the rocks in its bed, the stream would have no song.
~ Carl Perkins

If you have not heard, we turned 25 this year. That is a major milestone in the Hi-Fi world. We have seen a lot of things change in the Audio/Video business. One of the biggest changes is of course streaming and downloading music and movies. It has changed the way many of us listen and view our audio and video content.

The one thing that hasn’t changed is we still like our content to be of high quality. And luckily that is possible with devices like Sooloos from Meridian, and Marantz, who put things like Pandora and Spotify into their new line of receivers.

We have seen a large number of our customers that want to take advantage of these great streaming options, but they do not want to sacrifice quality over convenience.

Quality, that’s a large part of what we do here at Nuts About Hi-Fi. We try to carry what we think are the finest in audio and video components. But we also try to carry value in our products too. What good is it to carry a $160,000 pair of speakers if only a few can enjoy them? The great part is that a company like Focal loudspeakers uses the same technology in their magnificent Grand Utopias as well as their more modestly priced Chorus 706.

Build, design, fit, finish and above all uncompromised sound is paramount in our industry. Without those things you are not providing your customer with a product that you would own in your own home.

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A set of headphones for every set of ears


Headphones – the thought of them brings to mind so many different varieties. In-ear, on-ear, over-ear, open-back, closed-back, planar drivers and electrostatics. The list is long and I don’t have the space to go through all the different types.

We recently brought in a new line of headphones from or long time speaker manufacturer Focal, in addition to our Grado line. Each has its own distinct design and also its own very different sound characteristics. Neither is better or worse, just different.

Now what is different is each of our customers, some like an on-ear, some like in-ear. Others like a more open sound, some like a bass heavy sound, that is where each headphone becomes tied to an individual, and the listener to each style of headphone.

I have 4 pairs of headphones myself, and which I use depends on what I am listening to and what the source is. If I am listening to my 2-channel system at home, I like my on-ear, closed-back headphone. If I am out for a walk with the dog, I like an in-ear design that works well with my portable device. I also have moments where I just want to pop on a pair of headphones and listen on my computer. At those times I like a more open design where I can hear what is going on around me, and so can everyone else. That too is a by-product of an open design. Others can hear what you are playing, and that can be a bit annoying if you are on a plane, or riding the ferry to work. Your traveling neighbor gets to hear everything that you hear, but we will leave that discussion for another time.

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