Sound System for the Boating Life

Boat System

I thought i would share a few photos sent to us by one of our good friends and customers. This is aboard a beautiful locally moored yacht. The system was designed to conserve living space and to provide exceptional music and movie entertainment.

Boat System

The Focal bookshelf speakers are secured by the cabinet while underway. The Universal Remote controls the entire system including the motorized flat screen which disappears when not in use.

Boat System

I visited this home a couple weeks ago to help Fred tweak the sound but frankly he had already got things pretty much dialed in. The bass response from the JL F113 was easily the best I’ve heard on a water craft and when you sit on the couch, the Focal speaker system  provide an exceptional sound stage. What a treat for me to see and hear.

Boat System

AHOY Fred, nicely done!

Home Theater Sound Improved by Vicoustic

Home Theater - Vicoustic

These are a few photos of a Vicoustic treatment installation Adam finished last week for one of our clients.

We originally installed the movie system in this room a couple of years ago. It always sounded quite good with having Focal main speakers and a JL Audio F113 subwoofer.  However because of the reflective shape of this room, it has never performed quite as well as we felt it could, even after shooting it several times with Audyssey Pro and tweaking speaker settings and locations.

Home Theater - Vicoustic

So the home owners invited us over to recommend room treatment to calm it down. The result is that it is now a much more believable and engaging movie watching experience. They phoned me to tell me what a terrific difference the acoustic treatment has made and how much they appreciated Adam’s “excellent work”.

Home Theater - Vicoustic

Restoration Project

Restoration Project - Turntable

One of the things I love most about working in our shop is you never know who or what will be coming in at any given time.

Today this very nice lady brought us this 1950’s Granco radio and turntable.
It had originally belonged to her now deceased brother and has been in her mother’s garage for the past 30 years. She wants it fully restored so I thought it
might be fun to share this restoration as it progresses.

It’s special to her and so now it is to us. I’m crossing my fingers on this one but I’m pretty confident we will make her happy.

Just In Time for the Olympics

Winter Olympics - TV

Yesterday we finished this installation of a new 65 inch Samsung 4K Flat screen.

This one was particularly fun as we replaced a old CRT style, 2 foot deep big screen we had originally installed 17 years ago. We solicited the help of our good friends from Four Aces Dry Wall located in Seabeck.

Matthew and Adam removed the old set, reframed the wall and the folks from Four Aces were out the next day rocking and texturing to perfectly match the existing wall finish. It turned out beautifully. The home owner commented “the image is so crisp it feels as if she could walk into the screen.”