Just In Time for the Olympics

Winter Olympics - TV

Yesterday we finished this installation of a new 65 inch Samsung 4K Flat screen.

This one was particularly fun as we replaced a old CRT style, 2 foot deep big screen we had originally installed 17 years ago. We solicited the help of our good friends from Four Aces Dry Wall located in Seabeck.

Matthew and Adam removed the old set, reframed the wall and the folks from Four Aces were out the next day rocking and texturing to perfectly match the existing wall finish. It turned out beautifully. The home owner commented “the image is so crisp it feels as if she could walk into the screen.”

Big Screen for a Big Game

We have been pretty darn busy these past couple of weeks.

The projects have been fun and also a little out of our ordinary realm of everyday installations. Below is a photo of a good clients shop/ garage in which we installed a new Screen Innovations “Slate” 150″ diagonal screen for SUPER BOWL , an Epson professional video projector, along with a complete array of Focal loudspeakers.

big screen

For realistic big game impact we also installed a pair of JL Audio’s E112 series subwoofers. Quite the party they ended up having with over 40 of their friends and family. During the game I received several texts from our client telling me what an exceptionally cool system it is and how much fun they were all having.

Next we have a local house of worship, St Paul’s Episcopal Church in Bremerton, where we installed 2 very large flat screen monitors and Several focal speakers for their services.


Dedication to the Art of Music – Continued

John - Kathryn - Room Installation

This post is  a continuation on one we did awhile back – Dedication to the Art of Music. Check out how far it has come!

Focal Speakers

Today Matthew and I put some finishing touches on on a system I wish every customer we have could hear. We have been awaiting furniture and artwork to finish the room. Meanwhile our customers have been breaking in their FOCAL STELLA UTOPIA speakers along with the rest of their new Aesthetix components.

Installing the Focal speakers

Matthew and I arrived at 9:00 am in the morning to tweak the speaker locations and adjust the crossovers to match the room’s acoustics. I’m glad we ate our wheaties as these babies weigh in at about 350 lbs. each.

Checking tone arm alignment

Matt then checked the tone arm alignment and weight of the phono cartridge on the Clear Audio Master Innovation, and installed the long awaited Accudrive power supply for the turntable motor.

ClearAudio Accudrive

We ended up listening  to everything from the Eagles to Also sprach Zarathustra and soon realized it is one of the most compellingly beautiful systems we have done to date. 

Giving the new system a listen

Thanks very much to John and Kathryn for allowing us to help them buy and install this
truly beautiful system.

John and Kathryn

What a sincere pleasure.

A sincere pleasure.

Installation Project – Whole House Audio-Video System

Truck Backing In

Today Adam put the finishing touches on an extensive remodel project both he and Matthew have been working on for the past few months. A very good client of ours had recently purchased a new home and asked us to design and install a low profile whole-house audio-video system that was simple to use and would perform at levels well beyond typical background house music systems.

We ended up installing over 40 Focal in-wall and in-ceiling speakers along with JL Audio’s in-wall subwoofers, 5 flat screen televisions, and a beautiful Sony projection, Focal, JL audio and Integra home theater system. The entire entertainment system can be easily controlled with several URC touch screens located throughout the home.

With the permission of our client, we wanted to share a few photos of this project.

Adam calibrating the living room TV.

 Adam calibrating the living room TV.

URC In-wall touch screen

One of several URC In-wall touch screens programmed to allow audio or video to be distributed to any desired room in the home.

Sooloos Control Screen

Sooloos Control Screen located in the kitchen to allow quick access to thousands of full resolution albums.

Incognito Niles Rock speakers

View of the grounds from the upper deck. Incognito Niles Rock speakers provide background music mixed with the calming sound of the waterfall.

Elegant Chandelier

We had absolutely nothing to do with this chandelier but had to take a picture anyway.

Component cabinet

This cabinet houses all the whole house music and control components. It was modified to allow for great ventilation as some of those babies can get toasty.

Screen Innovations black diamond screen

For the home theater system we chose Screen Innovations black diamond screen as it can be used day or night no matter the light conditions.

Screen Innovations black diamond screen.

Another angle of the Screen Innovations black diamond screen.

Sony Projector, in-wall Focal in wall surround speakers

The new Sony Projector shown with the in-wall Focal in wall surround speakers.
The magnetic removable grills are off to the painters to have them match the wall color.

Living Room - Dining Room

We would like to thank our lovely client and friend for allowing us to participate in helping make this home amazing. Too much fun!

Dedication to the Art of Music

Adam Matthew and John

Adam Matthew and John

I often think about how fortunate we are to have such wonderful people in our lives. Customers who truly understand what we do and will invest their time and hard earned money to create something that is nothing short of an awe inspiring.

John and Kathryn started buying home entertainment products from us about three years ago. They were in the  process of an extensive remodel of a beautiful home on Hood Canal which in another life was once a Bed & Breakfast. Because of their love of movies, we first helped them buy and install a JVC, Focal and Integra home theater system.  As their remodel progressed,  we integrated some very nice music components including Focal Chorus speakers and a Sooloos music server to provide quality  background music for their living room, library and outdoor sitting areas.

From time to time John stops into our showroom to audition music systems in our main listening room.  Needless to say  he became intrigued with what was possible in stereo reproduction and decided to upgrade the home theater to approach a level of performance  he now desired for stereo listening. He quickly fell in love with our Focal Stella Utopia Speakers and decided he had to have them.

Stella Utopia - Crated

1200 lbs of Stella Utopia speakers still in their crates

Our only problem was is that they were a bit too big physically to fit the theater room. To fix this awful problem…. what does this man do? He decides to add  a dedicated music room to this already extensive remodel project. I checked my notes, we first sat down at his kitchen table to start designing this room 443 days ago. Because of the lengthly county permitting process and other unforeseen delays, we are finally here unpacking and setting up this amazing system.

Matthew Unpacking Turntable

Matthew unpacking the Master Innovation Turntable

Here is a list of the  products carefully selected to create this system:

Stay tuned for an update along with more photos as we need to finish setting up everything and allow it to break in and do some fine tuning with acoustic treatment.

UPDATE 9-9-13

Some new photos:

Matthew apparently enjoying this installation.

Matthew apparently enjoying this installation.

Stella and Adam

Stella and Adam