Listening Room Upgrades

Yesterday morning I had the pleasure of helping two of our favorite customers dial in their listening system. We recently upgraded their speakers with a beautiful pair of Focal Sopra 3’s.

Because of the large room volume we also installed a stereo pair of JL Audio F113 subwoofers to fill up the low frequency to allow for a huge believable sound stage. We also replaced all their cabling with Nordost Heimdall 2 series.

What fun it was getting the speakers placed perfectly and then experimenting with dialing in the subwoofers. When we were done we all decided it sounded as if we were at a live concert. Thanks you two!


A Work of Art – Our Rear Reflection Diffuser Panel

In our main listening room today, we installed a custom made rear reflection diffuser panel. The artist, Mr. Jim Armeni, has been a good friend and client of ours for several years. Jim is a true audiophile and has been experimenting with many forms of acoustic treatment. His personal listening room is one of the best I’ve had the pleasure to experience.

This sound-wave inspired panel literally transformed the rear reflections in our showroom. As many of you are aware, reflections off walls, ceilings and floors can dramatically affect the way a sound system performs.

Thank you Jim for a beautiful and well-executed addition to our room.

Upgraded Listening Room

Here are a few photos of one of our favorite customer’s listening rooms. We recently upgraded their the digital music playback system utilizing Meridian’s Ultra DAC, along with the Sooloos Music Library.

They also purchased a new pair of our Focal Sopra 3 loudspeakers and a pair of JL Audio F 113 series 2 subwoofers.

I haven’t had a chance to hear it yet but can’t wait to go over and help them break this beautiful system in.

Thanks you two! Hope you have many, many years of listening pleasure.

The Audiophile’s Media Room

Over the last year we have had the pleasure of helping one of our good friends turn an unfinished basement into one of the best sounding media rooms. From designing the wall layout with the contractor to figuring out the best placement for speakers, this was a blank slate.

For the video, we used Sony’s VW1100ES 4K projector onto a new 100″ Screen Innovations Slate motorized screen. The Atmos surround sound is handled by an Anthem AVM60 pre-amplifier/processor, an Anthem P5 amplifier, and an Anthem P2 amplifier.

The main speakers are processed through a Krell Evolution 202 before the signal reaches the pair of Aesthetix Atlas mono-block amplifiers. The main speakers are Focal Stella Utopia EMs  accompanied by a pair of JL Audio Gothams. The surround speakers are Focal Sopra No3s, the four Atmos in-ceiling speakers are Focal IW1003BEs; and we have a JL Audio Fathom F113  running as the theater subwoofer.

In the back corner of the room, we have the gorgeous ClearAudio Statement V2 turntable  playing all of his LPs at their fullest potential. The entire system has Nordost wiring and Nordost QKore grounding to help lower the sound floor and bring out all of the detail. It has been fun seeing a room without drywall turn into one of the best sounding media rooms we’ve heard.

Living Room Installation – Focal Sopra

Here is a photo of one of our best customer’s and friend’s homes. We finished this project yesterday. This is now the 3rd home we have done for them. The Focal Sopra 1s looks excellent with the art in the foreground.

The Meridian Sooloos music library sources this room as well as the whole house music system, including their beautiful home theater room.

Thanks very much to them for allowing us to share this.