The New JVC DLAx500R Projector

Screen ViewprojectorThe new JVC DLAx500R projector just arrived today and is now on display in our showroom. This time the folks at JVC have truly outdone themselves with this new 4K model. Exceptional black levels with stunning color and detail. If you are considering purchasing a movie projection system, this affordable model is certainly one you will want to check out.

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Restoration Project

Restoration Project - Turntable

One of the things I love most about working in our shop is you never know who or what will be coming in at any given time.

Today this very nice lady brought us this 1950’s Granco radio and turntable.
It had originally belonged to her now deceased brother and has been in her mother’s garage for the past 30 years. She wants it fully restored so I thought it
might be fun to share this restoration as it progresses.

It’s special to her and so now it is to us. I’m crossing my fingers on this one but I’m pretty confident we will make her happy.

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Just In Time for the Olympics

Winter Olympics - TV

Yesterday we finished this installation of a new 65 inch Samsung 4K Flat screen.

This one was particularly fun as we replaced a old CRT style, 2 foot deep big screen we had originally installed 17 years ago. We solicited the help of our good friends from Four Aces Dry Wall located in Seabeck.

Matthew and Adam removed the old set, reframed the wall and the folks from Four Aces were out the next day rocking and texturing to perfectly match the existing wall finish. It turned out beautifully. The home owner commented “the image is so crisp it feels as if she could walk into the screen.”

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Big Screen for a Big Game

We have been pretty darn busy these past couple of weeks.

The projects have been fun and also a little out of our ordinary realm of everyday installations. Below is a photo of a good clients shop/ garage in which we installed a new Screen Innovations “Slate” 150″ diagonal screen for SUPER BOWL , an Epson professional video projector, along with a complete array of Focal loudspeakers.

big screen

For realistic big game impact we also installed a pair of JL Audio’s E112 series subwoofers. Quite the party they ended up having with over 40 of their friends and family. During the game I received several texts from our client telling me what an exceptionally cool system it is and how much fun they were all having.

Next we have a local house of worship, St Paul’s Episcopal Church in Bremerton, where we installed 2 very large flat screen monitors and Several focal speakers for their services.


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Dedication to the Art of Music – Continued

John - Kathryn - Room Installation

This post is  a continuation on one we did awhile back – Dedication to the Art of Music. Check out how far it has come!

Focal Speakers

Today Matthew and I put some finishing touches on on a system I wish every customer we have could hear. We have been awaiting furniture and artwork to finish the room. Meanwhile our customers have been breaking in their FOCAL STELLA UTOPIA speakers along with the rest of their new Aesthetix components.

Installing the Focal speakers

Matthew and I arrived at 9:00 am in the morning to tweak the speaker locations and adjust the crossovers to match the room’s acoustics. I’m glad we ate our wheaties as these babies weigh in at about 350 lbs. each.

Checking tone arm alignment

Matt then checked the tone arm alignment and weight of the phono cartridge on the Clear Audio Master Innovation, and installed the long awaited Accudrive power supply for the turntable motor.

ClearAudio Accudrive

We ended up listening  to everything from the Eagles to Also sprach Zarathustra and soon realized it is one of the most compellingly beautiful systems we have done to date. 

Giving the new system a listen

Thanks very much to John and Kathryn for allowing us to help them buy and install this
truly beautiful system.

John and Kathryn

What a sincere pleasure.

A sincere pleasure.

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