A Complete Aesthetix System

Aesthetix System

Today we fired up a complete Aesthetix System in our main listening  room. It included the Romulus CD / DAC, the Calypso Signature preamp and the Rhea Signature Phono Preamp, along with a pair of Atlas mono block amplifiers. We have been going between the Focal Diablo Utopia and one of our favorites the Stella Utopia. The Calypso is a new addition and we’re just breaking it in. However already I think this is one of the most 3 dimensional sounds we have experienced in our showroom.  I recently installed the same system for a client in Canada and felt the same sense of dimension while listening in his room.  I just wanted to invite whoever wants a wonderful  listening experience to come on in to hear it with your own ears. You won’t believe how good it sounds.

A big heartfelt thanks to our friend and colleague, Mr. Jim White of Aesthetix, for paying very close attention to what can be sometimes overlooked in our industry: musicality and detail but also a wonderfully rich presentation of the physical space sometimes seemingly hidden and often lost inside the recordings.

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