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Enjoy Summer with Music at the Touch of a Finger

Outdoor SpeakersSummer is finally here so why not make it even more enjoyable?

This afternoon I am relaxing on the deck sipping a beer and listening to music off the Sooloos MC200. The outdoor planter/speaker from Niles sounds perfect. The volume is set just right so not to disturb the neighbors.

How magical it feels to be able to sit here, touch the Sooloos iPad application and select tracks from literally thousands of uncompromised recordings. The metal artwork in the picture is from our friends at Lisa Stirrrett Studio located right here in Silverdale.

Jarmeni Cable Elevators

Jarmeni Cable Elevators

Introducing the Jarmeni Cable Elevators.

Here is a new unique way to support and isolate your speaker cables from the floor. These are locally designed and hand-made by one of our favorite clients and audiophiles. We have already sold several and are getting excellent feedback on their style and functionality.

Shown above are 5 basic designs to choose from. They can, however, be customized to fit your decor.

Bellari VP130 Tube Phono Preamp

This is our newest addition to our affordable family of products…

Bellari Tube Preamp

TheĀ  Bellari VP130 is a nicely designed phono preamplifier made to equalize phono signal to a line-level signal. In other words it will enable you to hook up your turntable to your system if doesn’t have a built in phono input. Or if you are not happy with the quality of your existing phono sound it can vastly improve it.

It utilizes tube circuitry resulting in a nice warm and musical presentation. We feel it is a very impressive blend of price and performance. It also doubles as a nice headphone preamp with a 1/4 inch jack on the rear panel.

Stop in a give her a test drive.

Focal Aria CC 900

Focal-CC 900

What is most important about your Home Movie system? I think if you were to ask most people they would tell you it is being able to understand what the actors on the screen
are saying.

Focal recently introduced their new Aria line of loudspeakers with their Innovative flax midrange and woofer technology. We were immediately impressed with their ability to articulate the smallest details in music reproduction. What we have found equally amazing with their new CC900 center channel speaker, is it’s ability to allow even the quietest whisper to easily be heard. So if you are experiencing the common problem of having to crank up the volume to hear the dialog only to be blasted out during an action sequence, stop in and allow us to audition this wonderful accomplishment.