New – Cambridge Audio Aero 6

Cambridge Audio Aero 6

We are very pleased to add to our family of products what may be the best sounding affordable loud speakers we have yet to offer, the new Cambridge Audio Aero 6.

This speaker along with others in this series were designed by an old friend of ours, Dominic Baker,  formally of Focal.  After helping to design what are now considered by many to be the best overall loudspeakers in the world, Dominic left Focal to return home to his native England. For the the past few years he has been engaged by Cambridge Audio to create a line of speakers that truly sing yet fall well within almost any serious music lover’s budget.

Cambridge Audio is also offering a bookshelf version of these along with companion center and rear channel speakers for movie sound track enthusiasts.

We invite you to audition these in our showroom and hear what a wonderful accomplishment in value and presentation they are.

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