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The Classic turntable from Music Hall

Classic Sound

The Classic is the newest turntable from Music Hall and now on display in our showroom. The Classic has styling cues from traditional turntables from days of old. With its auto stop feature, the tonearm automatically lifts when reaching the end of the album. A selectable line/preamp output allows for connection to any music system. The included dust cover keeps everything pristine in-between listening sessions. Come by and have a spin.

Mola Mola Tambaqui


Last week we received the new Mola Mola Tambaqui from our good friend Dick Diamond at GTT audio. We have been on the hunt for quite some time auditioning several high end DACs as we are always looking for the best possible performance out there. This particular component grabbed our attention as a couple of my friends in our industry who had heard it were excited enough to call us and recommend we give it a listen.

So what is a DAC? Simply put, it is the component that does the math from any digital music source and then converts it to analog so the music can be amplified and sent to speakers or headphones. This is arguably the most important component in any music system. The better this conversion, the more realistic music will sound.

MOLA MOLA is a group of audio engineers in the Netherlands headed up by a well respected mathematician Bruno Putzey. Most high end DACs use off-the-shelf chips to enable the conversion from digital to analog. Including manufacturers who offer DACs costing upwards of $60K. At Mola Mola they are using their own uniquely sophisticated process, which is nothing short of genius, to make music sound real.

This beautifully designed component also has built in streaming capabilities as well so it can allow one to access millions of recordings over the internet and make them sound superb. A few days ago Matt and I ran the Mola Mola Tambaqui through its paces in our listening room for the first time. After comparing DACs we already know well and love, we both agreed it’s better than anything we have ever had.

For our clients who consistently demand the best (you know who you are), call us to set up a demo.


Today we received a pair of Focal’s new outdoor “Stone” speakers. These are a very unique design and feature similar high quality components found in many of Focal’s high end indoor speakers. They are designed to blend into your landscape and withstand the harshest weather conditions. With a full-size 8-inch woofer and aluminum magnesium tweeter, they present a generous full-range, very easy to listen to presentation. They are available in three finishes: grey, sand and limestone.

We have them on display and like most Focal speakers they sound amazing. So if you are tired of weeding without good sounding music, stop in and have a listen. I can already tell you I’ll find a place for them in my garden.

Focal Vestia N°3 Speakers

Today we received and set up our first pair of Focal Vestia N°3 Speakers.

Vestia is Focal’s newest addition to their family of amazing speaker systems. “Vestia” was inspired by Vesta and Hestia – goddesses of the hearth and the home. The Vestia line so far offers 4 different models, including a center channel speaker. All are designed and built in their manufacturing facility in France and are offered in 3 finishes: gloss black, dark wood,and light wood (as pictured in these photos).

We will be breaking in these N°3’s over the weekend but I can already tell, having only played 2 music tracks, that Focal once again has hit a Home Run.

As usual they have a beautiful precise fit and finish, magnetic removable grills, all new leading edge driver and tweeter technologies; all adding up to an incredible value.
Stop in and have a listen and hear for yourself why so many people consider Focal the finest speaker systems in the world.