Focal Bathys Headphones - Ilya

Focal Bathys Headphones Demo By Ilya

I am proud to introduce our newest employee Miss Iyla Lee. Iyla (eye-luh) will be focusing on demonstrating and helping our customers to appreciate and purchase our most popular headphones, the Focal Bathys.

Focal’s Bathys headphones weave a symphony of wireless wonder and tranquil escape. With active noise cancelling, they envelop you in serene silence, while exclusive drivers deliver exquisite hi-fi sound. The timeless elegance of Black Silver or the delicate grace of Dune finishes cradle your ears in comfort. Beyond their beauty, Bathys offers a 30-hour battery life, rapid charging, and intuitive controls. Each note, whether bass or treble, sings with precision, ensuring a pure, undisturbed musical journey.

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