Naim’s new MU-SO Cube just arrived! This is the newest and smallest member of the Naim family of Unity network products. It literally took Eric less than 10 minutes to have it seamlessly connected to 4 other Naim systems set up in our showroom. It can play on its own or be grouped with several other Naim products.

So let’s say you already have a great listening system in your living room but would like to add some sound reinforcement to your Kitchen. It is small enough to fit on a countertop, about 8.6 inches cubed. But don’t let its size fool you. You will be impressed at how it throws a convincing full-size music presentation with plenty of muscle, even in the bass.

All I can say is the engineering team at Focal / Naim have done it again. They have risen to the challenge of allowing a music lover to easily add high quality music to any area in the home or office. It supports every digital high resolution music format available and is completely wireless other than its AC power cord. Listen to your favorite radio stations or select from literally millions of albums available over the internet. Easy to operate with the supplied remote control or their free application.

Stop in and demo this for yourself. Pretty sure you can find a spot for it.

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