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Home in the Desert

Home In The Desert

I thought I would share some photos of project we just finished this week in Santa Fe, New Mexico. One of our best clients purchased a home there and asked us to outfit it with an incredible audio-video system. This is the fourth home we have done so far for him and his wife. As you can tell they are truly “Nuts About Hi-Fi”.

Desert Home - Living Room

They flew us out the first time several months ago to scope out the job. I noticed when arriving how incredibly quiet it is there. I knew immediately that this was going to be one of the best systems we have installed to date. After meeting with their contractors and designers we all put our heads together and came up with a plan to create a home for entertaining. Matt, Adam and Marie flew out several times during the remodel process to run cabling and install the products.

Desert Home - Media Room

Matt and I flew down this last week to put the final touches on the system and hear the finished product. I wish all my friends could hear this system. Quite the goose-bump machine to say the least. Definitely one of the top systems I have ever heard. Thank you two for everything. It it a blessing to have customers with your level of enthusiasm for what we do.

Matt - Jim

Deser tHome - Console Cabinet

Desert Home - Patio

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Quality Wireless Audio Has Finally Arrived

HEOS SystemFor the last couple of years we have been on the hunt for a quality wireless speaker system.  We auditioned several different products, only to find software glitches and/or poor sound quality.  We were about to give up on this category all together.

Then our good friend, Walter Bell, who represents Denon, gave us a call.  He said he had something we needed to buy.  A couple of days later Walter showed up armed with several of these new HEOS products and started randomly placing them throughout the store.  Then he opened his iPad, smiled and said “What are you guys in the mood to hear?” A couple of seconds later the Rolling Stones were not getting any satisfaction anywhere in our showroom. I followed him around while he adjusted the individual volume and equalization for each room and pretty soon we had a very nice, seamless balance of sound that is easy on the ears.




When he told me the pricing, I almost couldn’t believe it. You can get started with this system for just two hundred dollars and add music throughout your home or business to your heart’s content. They also offer a very nifty little gadget called a HEOS Link that allows you incorporate your existing audio system. All you need is some sort of smart device, a wireless network and you are golden. Stop in, check these out and get some satisfaction.

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Sound System for the Boating Life

Boat System

I thought i would share a few photos sent to us by one of our good friends and customers. This is aboard a beautiful locally moored yacht. The system was designed to conserve living space and to provide exceptional music and movie entertainment.

Boat System

The Focal bookshelf speakers are secured by the cabinet while underway. The Universal Remote controls the entire system including the motorized flat screen which disappears when not in use.

Boat System

I visited this home a couple weeks ago to help Fred tweak the sound but frankly he had already got things pretty much dialed in. The bass response from the JL F113 was easily the best I’ve heard on a water craft and when you sit on the couch, the Focal speaker system  provide an exceptional sound stage. What a treat for me to see and hear.

Boat System

AHOY Fred, nicely done!

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Focal Sopra n°2


I recently had the pleasure to visit my good friends at  Audioplus Services located in Montreal. Audioplus is the North America importer for Focal and several other European brands of high end audio. It is owned by my good friend and mentor Daniel Jacques.

I was among 15 Audio dealers invited from all over the country for the debut of this new series from Focal called Sopra n°2. The location for this presentation was at located les studios Opus outside of Montreal which is definitely a most beautiful place to listen and, I am sure, record music.

Before going into the studio, we had to hand over our cell phones as no photos were allowed and everyone signed a non-disclosure agreement. At this time no one in the world, other than the people at Focal, had seen or listened to this new line called Sopra n°2.

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