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Focal Sopra n°2


I recently had the pleasure to visit my good friends at  Audioplus Services located in Montreal. Audioplus is the North America importer for Focal and several other European brands of high end audio. It is owned by my good friend and mentor Daniel Jacques.

I was among 15 Audio dealers invited from all over the country for the debut of this new series from Focal called Sopra n°2. The location for this presentation was at located les studios Opus outside of Montreal which is definitely a most beautiful place to listen and, I am sure, record music.

Before going into the studio, we had to hand over our cell phones as no photos were allowed and everyone signed a non-disclosure agreement. At this time no one in the world, other than the people at Focal, had seen or listened to this new line called Sopra n°2.

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Home Theater Sound Improved by Vicoustic

Home Theater - Vicoustic

These are a few photos of a Vicoustic treatment installation Adam finished last week for one of our clients.

We originally installed the movie system in this room a couple of years ago. It always sounded quite good with having Focal main speakers and a JL Audio F113 subwoofer.  However because of the reflective shape of this room, it has never performed quite as well as we felt it could, even after shooting it several times with Audyssey Pro and tweaking speaker settings and locations.

Home Theater - Vicoustic

So the home owners invited us over to recommend room treatment to calm it down. The result is that it is now a much more believable and engaging movie watching experience. They phoned me to tell me what a terrific difference the acoustic treatment has made and how much they appreciated Adam’s “excellent work”.

Home Theater - Vicoustic

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The Naim Mu-so

Naim Mu-so

The Naim Mu-so is an extremely well designed compact music system that you have to hear to believe.  It is a single box solution for great affordable sound for the office, bedroom or even a mid-size living room. The design includes a custom 400 watt amp with a 6 speaker system. Its features include internet music streaming, Bluetooth, Spotify as well as both Android and iOS applications for control.

Stop in for a listen.

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The Deveolet 200

Devialet 200

We are very happy to announce this new product to our line up.

The Deveolet 200 takes the place of a pre-amp, amplifier, D/A converter and phono stage all in one beautifully designed component.  It also has an application for an iPad or iPhone so
one is able to control it from anywhere in the home. Beautiful sound, simplicity and very easy on the eye. Call us for an audition.

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An 11 Out Of 10


Here is our latest testimonial from Robert who is, as you will see, a very satisfied customer and thrilled with his new 3D Projector.

HOLY S&#%T!!!!! – 11 stars

I watched Gravity in 3D last night. I was BLOWN AWAY!! The color was great, no contrast issues, no black level problems. I must admit with this JVC Projector the picture with Blu-ray was better than my old CRT in every way.

I cannot believe I just typed that.

Long story short, I am glad I purchased all three pieces of gear. I am glad I got them all through you guys.

Once again, Nuts About Hi Fi scores an 11 out of 10!

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