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Vicoustics Acoustic Treatments

This weekend we are finishing up the Installation of Vicoustics acoustic treatment in both our theater and main listening rooms.

Already an amazing difference in sonic presentation.

Stop in and have a listen.

Thank you very much Burt Goodman!
We are very excited to be your new dealer for Vicoustics.

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Cambridge Audio’s DAC Magic Plus

Digital to Analogue converter

The future of digital music is finally here

Introducing an affordable way to truly upgrade all your digital music.

As most music lovers already know, “computer music” files tend to
sound compressed, lifeless and frankly boring. This affordable little device from Cambridge Audio will allow you to take any digital music from your phone, laptop, computer and make your sound system sing again.

Come in for an audition and experience the magic for yourself.


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Focal Electra 1038 Be Speaker


One of Focal’s tower design loudspeakers, the Electra 1038 Be represents the best of Focal’s technologies. We’re very, very excited about them and feel that they are probably the finest loudspeaker we’ve listened to in years in anything under the $20K price category. The Electra 1038 Be utilizes Focal’s famous beryllium dome tweeter for the top end which is absolutely one of the most beautiful high frequency responses anybody will ever hear.

These speakers are used throughout the world in many studios including DTS and Dolby studios for film mastering and reproduction. For the audio aficionado who really wants spectacular sound and a natural presentation the Focal Electra 1038 Be Speakers are definitely one of the best products in our showroom. Come in and have a listen.

Read details and specs about the Focal Electra 1038 Be Speaker on their website.

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Concept Turntable from clearaudio

clearaudio-ConceptThis turntable, called the Concept®, is made by clearaudio®, the German manufacturer of our main line of turntables. This product is quite amazing, because it’s not $200,000 like the top end of clearaudio’s turntables, it’s only $1,500. For a turntable at that price it has an amazing presentation and musical vinyl playback. When clearaudio designed the Concept turntable, they implemented a lot of the technological and engineering marvels that they learned by building $200,000 turntables.

The Concept actually has the Delrin platter that is used in their more expensive tables. The tone arm is suspended on a friction-free magnetic bearing so it’s totally isolated from the plate and the platter. This belt driven turntable is a beautiful piece of electronics that will provide spectacular sound quality.

Read about Concept turntable details and tech specs on the clearaudio website.

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