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Small Room – Limitless Entertainment

This week we finished a home theater system for two of our long term friends and clients. This is a relatively small room but fortunately has overall nice acoustics. I feel we reached a very nice balance of a large, engaging viewing-screen, along with exceptional sound to go with it.

For the speaker system we used 2 JL Audio F113 series 2 subwoofers, which normally might be considered a bit overkill for this size of room, but that being said there is not an unexciting place to sit anywhere. For the main speakers we installed a complete Focal Aria front, center and on-wall surround speaker system. We used the new Marantz SR 8010 top-of-the-line receiver. This was our first installation of this tank of a receiver. Both Adam and I were very impressed with it’s easy set up and effortless sound.

For Video we installed the new JVC projector and Screen Innovations wide-ratio wall-mount screen. What a great place to escape into a movie.

Thanks both of you for allowing us to help you have this.

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Hello, Mimas!

About 3 years ago I had a lunch with my good friend, Jim White, owner and Chief
Design Engineer of Aesthetix. Jim asked me if I felt anything might be missing from their product line. We talked about music loving customers who are listening through home theater products instead of a real music setup with Preamps and Amps. And how many clients just want a simple, beautiful sounding, “just add speakers and source” listening system without spending a king’s ransom.

This week Jim called me with this very nice surprise. The Mimas integrated hybrid amplifier, intended for high performance audio and home cinema systems.

I feel that the Mimas amp should be a great answer to many of our customer’s desires. It will seamlessly adapt to any existing home theater system without musical compromise. And it will offer options to vinyl listeners and present an excellent value for serious music lovers.

We should be getting our prototype in our shop next week. Jim feels we should see the finished product soon. I will update as soon as we’ve had a chance to give the Mimas a listen.

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Trade UP your old electronics to Anthem

Trade UP ANY BRAND of old electronics for 20%-off select new Anthem processors, receivers or amplifiers!

Our electronics partner Anthem has an incredible deal where you can trade up your old equipment, of any brand, and get 20% off selected Anthem equipment.

This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER: May 1 – July 1, 2018

Read the details and get the coupon on the Anthem website.

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Focal Kanta No. 2

We just received our first pair of Focal’s new speaker line called Kanta.
This is the first model released with more to follow later this year.
The word Kanta according to “Behind the Name” means “beauty
and desire.” According to “Wiktionary” it means “to sing.”
Immediately after unboxing these last night, it was evident that they
are indeed beautiful, and after just a short listening session (even without break in) we could tell they definitely know how to sing.

Focal is positioning the long awaited Kanta line just above their Aria line, and just below their Sopra and Utopia lines.
They share Aria’s flax or linen woofers and midrange speaker material, as well as
Sopra and Utopia’s pure beryllium tweeter and much of the internal cabinet structure technologies.

They are available in several finish combinations. Click here to check them out.

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This is a great opportunity to upgrade your system.

Simply bring to our showroom the components you wish to upgrade. Or contact Matt or myself to chat about the possibilities – (360) 698-1348. During this promotion we will also be offering some terrific deals on most of our showroom display demo equipment.

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