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Amazing Focal Sound System Upgrade!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of helping one of our favorite customers upgrade their living room speakers from Focal Chorus 5s to a pair of Focal Sopra no.1. This client also has a dedicated music room sporting a pair of Focal Stella Utopia. We now are approaching a similar level of transparency and live-like sound.
Our next adventure is to upgrade his speaker cable to Nordost. Such fun having customers who truly care about sound quality as much as we do.

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Another Home In The Desert…

Just returned from beautiful St George Utah. Our clients recently purchased this beautiful home and invited us out to install two independent sound systems for them. We used Marantz electronics, Focal speakers and URC remote controllers to automate ease of use. Sounded beautiful. Here are a few pictures of their wonderful home.



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New Focal Sopra Install in Seattle

Here is a photo of an installation of a pair of Focal Sopra no. 1 that we did in Seattle yesterday.

They look beautiful in this room with the fireplace and trim. I spoke with them last night and they both said they feel they actually sound even better than they look.
Thanks again you two for your business and for allowing us to post this picture.

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The “Holy Grail” has arrived.

Yesterday we installed the new Meridian Ultra DAC in our listening room. Mathew downloaded a MQA recording from the 2L website and dropped it into our Sooloos Library.


In my 35 plus years in the audio business I’ve heard a lot of hype about new formats. The promise of “Holy Grails” of recording reproduction I’ve seen come and go too many times. So I was a bit skeptical yet I had faith in Bob Stewart’s ability to pull this one off. If you don’t know about MQA, here is a link to a good explanation of how this format works.

The reader’s digest version is for the first time in the history of recorded audio, we can now experience in our homes an exact uncompressed “perfect” duplication of the original recording mastered in the studio. Pretty big deal to us music lovers to say the least. What does it sound like? All I can say is in our over 11,000 Sooloos album collection, it is easily far and above anything else we could demonstrate for you. Please feel free to call us to arrange a personal audition or stop in to have a listen for yourself.

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