Focal Chorus Speakers Close-out!

Focal Chorus - Closeout

This month we are closing out all our remaining Focal Chorus model display and back stock speakers.  Focal is adding new models to their line next month and we are making room for them.

Please contact us by phone for pricing: 360-698-1348

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Great Deals On Cables

Pre-Owned Cables

It’s not spring but we are spring cleaning anyway.

We have several speaker cables, interconnects, power cables, digital cables and even a few HDMI. Most of these we have used for demonstration and some are ones we have traded in. Brands include Shunyata, MIT, Transparent Audio, Straight Wire, and Cardas Audio.

At least 50% off as long as they last.

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Krell Audio Standard Mono Block Amplifiers

These bad boys are a recent trade- in from one of our favorite customers
and friends.

We originally installed them in his home in 1994.

They have performed flawlessly in his main listening system since the day they were installed. They are considered by many audiophiles to be one of the most significant products in the history of high end audio.

The original retail price was $33,000.00 per pair.

We are offering them to the first lucky person who has great taste
and some vacant real estate for only $12,000.00.

Here is a link to an in-depth review about them from Stereophile magazine.

This is a fantastic opportunity to own a legend.

By the way…
They sound absolutely amazing.

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