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Flat Panel TV or Projector?


As an audio video salesman, I have customers who ask the question almost daily whether to buy an LED/LCD flat panel TV or should they go to the next step and purchase a front projector. My reply is that there is generally room for both.

 In most cases the LCD/LED TV is relegated to general, all-purpose duty: watching the news, cartoons, movies, streaming Netflix or Hulu. But, it’s great to have a place where you can watch movies in all their glorious widescreen (16.9 or 2.35) beauty.

Having multiple flat screens throughout the house is commonplace these days. And yes you can watch movies on them, but I believe to get the real home theater experience you should watch on a front projector with a screen larger than 90 inches. I know…I know, there are flat panel TV’s in excess of 90 inches, but they are just that, flat panel TV’s. To me, its still watching TV.

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A Tribute To A Friend


This post is a tribute to one of my friends and long time clients David Middleton.

David tragically passed this last week after an accident while hiking in the San Juan islands. I got the sad call from his wife Phyllis on Saturday.

I met David and Phillis a little over 20 years ago. They always looked to better their lives by having fun and taking every opportunity to find ways to make life better. David was one of those inspirational people who made you feel after spending even just a little time with him that you should be more like him.  He loved art collecting wherever he and Phyllis traveled.  Going to his home for dinner was like visiting an art gallery. He would take you on a tour of their home and would have interesting stories of the history of many pieces he and Phyllis collected over the  years.

One of my favorite memories of David was the day we added a turntable to their music system. I had promised to come to their home later that evening and help set it up.  When I arrived I could hear music playing loud enough that I knew they wouldn’t be able to hear the doorbell. I had been there several times in the past I felt comfortable enough to let my self in. Once inside the door I looked up into their living room and found them dancing to one of their old albums they probably hadn’t heard for years. I backed out slowly, closed the door and drove away thinking how lucky I was to have them as friends and even more lucky I was to be a part of their happiness.

We all miss David and will always remember the good times.

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Family Heirloom Restored to Perfection

1957 Ganco Entertainment ConsoleWe recently finished the restoration of this 1957 Ganco entertainment console. Thanks to our excellent tech George and good friend and cabinet maker Robert, it is now reborn and ready for the next 50 years or so. Our customer Cathy was thrilled and very happy to have this piece back in her family.


Robert (pictured above) did a wonderful job on restoring the aesthetic beauty of this historical piece. George (pictured below) used his years of experience to do the fine tuning. Together they renovated this classic console to its former glory.


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