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Nothing compares to listening to your favorite music on a high quality sound system.

For 26 years, Nuts About Hi-Fi has provided music lovers with the finest home audio and theater systems available. Please visit our locally owned showroom and discover what is possible when art, passion and technology come together.
You will feel as if you are hearing your recordings for the very first time.

We offer some of the best audio-video equipment in the world, and provide a variety of services, from design, demonstration, installation, system integration and also restoration and repair of quality components you may already own. Please visit our services page for more details.

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Jarmeni Cable Elevators

Jarmeni Cable Elevators

Introducing the Jarmeni Cable Elevators.

Here is a new unique way to support and isolate your speaker cables from the floor. These are locally designed and hand-made by one of our favorite clients and audiophiles. We have already sold several and are getting excellent feedback on their style and functionality.

Shown above are 5 basic designs to choose from. They can, however, be customized to fit your decor.

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Bellari VP130 Tube Phono Preamp

This is our newest addition to our affordable family of products…

Bellari Tube Preamp

TheĀ  Bellari VP130 is a nicely designed phono preamplifier made to equalize phono signal to a line-level signal. In other words it will enable you to hook up your turntable to your system if doesn’t have a built in phono input. Or if you are not happy with the quality of your existing phono sound it can vastly improve it.

It utilizes tube circuitry resulting in a nice warm and musical presentation. We feel it is a very impressive blend of price and performance. It also doubles as a nice headphone preamp with a 1/4 inch jack on the rear panel.

Stop in a give her a test drive.

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Restoration Project

Restoration Project - Turntable

One of the things I love most about working in our shop is you never know who or what will be coming in at any given time.

Today this very nice lady brought us this 1950′s Granco radio and turntable.
It had originally belonged to her now deceased brother and has been in her mother’s garage for the past 30 years. She wants it fully restored so I thought it
might be fun to share this restoration as it progresses.

It’s special to her and so now it is to us. I’m crossing my fingers on this one but I’m pretty confident we will make her happy.

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