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The Family Is Now Complete


Early this morning we received our first pair of the new FOCAL Sopra no.3.
This is the long awaited flagship of the Sopra series.
“pictured next to the Stella Utopia in red. ”

What a remarkable accomplishment from our friends at Focal.
We could not be happier in their beauty, price value and sonic presentation.
To read more about these follow this link.
Or better yet if you are wanting a demonstration please feel free to drop in or give us a call.

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Beautiful Custom Theater Room

Here is a wonderful system we finished yesterday in Cantewood. Our customers recently purchased this beautiful home and were referred to us by one of their neighbors. On our initial visit they showed us the space they wanted to use as their main movie entertainment room. This room is on their lower floor and the original contractor pre-wired an AC outlet for a TV along with a pair of cables for in-ceiling surround speakers. The shape of the room is almost a perfect cube and sounded like a handball court.

I knew was going to difficult to get the kind of performance they were hoping for unless we treated it with acoustic panels. So once again Vicoustics to the rescue. The customers own a piece of furniture they wished to use to house the
electronics, so we patterned the style of the acoustic treatment to closely match it as well as the existing beige carpet.

After installing the panels, the sound of the room was almost perfect so we were now ready to install the AV system. We went with the new 78″ Ultra High definition Samsung screen for the video. It looks amazing.

For sound we used the flagship Marantz SR 7010 receiver and matching universal player. For the main speakers we used Focal Aria 900 series speakers along with two of the JL Audio F113 series 2 subwoofers. For the surround speakers we used Focal’s new in ceiling 300-series speakers along with their new sub air subwoofer. I can’t remember hearing a better balance of full range surround information. And with these new Atmos high definition Blu Ray recordings they pull off the effects perfectly.

To make the system easy to use, Adam programmed a URC MX 980 RF universal remote. Our customers truly loved the look and sound and ease of use of this
room and I feel pretty certain we will see referrals from them as well.

Thanks again you two!





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Thanks to all at Nuts About Hi Fi.

We recently did an upgrade to our sound system with Jim and the Nuts About Hi Fi staff, not only adding the beautiful Sopra N2s but also a Sooloos system. My experience has been that many speakers which provide as much clarity and detail as the Sopra N2s can be laboratory like… not having much warmth and musicality… certainly not as much as I would like to have. The Sopras absolutely have all that and more… approaching speakers that cost multiples of their price tag. We’ve been lucky to have some very good speakers in our system and the Sopras performance beats all of them by far. In particular, the beautiful liquid midrange can keep us captivated for hours. Now my wife, who has a much better ear than I do (no comments Jim!), can’t wait to listen to music rather than watch Food Network.

We’re also excited to have the Sooloos system. Having fingertip access to thousands of CDs via downloads and with amazing sonic fidelity, without doubt it adds great enjoyment to our listening experience. If you have a great DAC, this is for you.

Having said all of this, what really sets Jim and the Nuts About Hi Fi staff apart is the customer focus that they exhibit, ensuring that they understand your system and doing everything they can to meet needs and exceed expectations. We recently located to Washington State. Previously I’ve worked with dealers from Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Dallas, San Antonio and Denver. Not only was Jim more than happy to make time for us to A/B the Sopras against our former speakers… in our system… but never has anyone ever followed up with me after a purchase to ensure that the new component was working properly in the system and meeting expectations… until Jim. The customer relations shown by the entire staff truly provides for an outstanding experience.

Thanks to all at Nuts About Hi Fi.

Bob & Linda M.

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Beautiful Sound System Upgrade

Here are photos of a really beautiful sound system we upgraded this week in
Port Angeles. The room is cozy and acoustically treated with Vicoustics.

The new Focal Sopra 2s do a beautiful job delivering a very believable reproduction of each and every song played on the Sooloos digital library.

Thanks again to our gracious customers for allowing us to share photos of their room on our website.


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Dolby Atmos – Upgrade Your Audio Experience

Dolby Atmos

Come in to Nuts About Hi-Fi and experience the newest technology in home theater. Previous versions of surround sound audio formats have limited audio engineers with trying to position a sound effect by adjusting speaker volume levels. Dolby Atmos is surround sound that brings another level of dimension to your audio. By adding a height layer, Atmos adds a new vertical dimension. Now it is possible to position sound to any point of the room. Instead of that helicopter flying around you, it can now pass over you while descending to land just in front of you. The amazing details of sound placement must be witnessed to be believed. We will be glad to demonstrate the possibility of Dolby Atmos for you in our showroom, please stop by sometime and have a listen.

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