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The Best High-End Loudspeaker of the Year

Sopra Award - 2015

It’s official! Sopra N°2 has won the most prestigious award in Audio.

This fantastic loudspeaker from Focal has been elected Best Product 2015-2016 by EISA in the “High-End Loudspeaker” category.

The European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) is a major event where the most prominent European journalists of specialised audio and video magazines gather to reward the most innovative and the best products in each category (Home Theatre Audio, In-Car Electronics, Photography, Home Theatre Display & Video). The well-informed jury was composed of 50 of the most influential European journalists in the field. Read more about this award on the Focal website.

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Enjoy Summer with Music at the Touch of a Finger

Outdoor SpeakersSummer is finally here so why not make it even more enjoyable?

This afternoon I am relaxing on the deck sipping a beer and listening to music off the Sooloos MC200. The outdoor planter/speaker from Niles sounds perfect. The volume is set just right so not to disturb the neighbors.

How magical it feels to be able to sit here, touch the Sooloos iPad application and select tracks from literally thousands of uncompromised recordings. The metal artwork in the picture is from our friends at Lisa Stirrrett Studio located right here in Silverdale.

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Welcome Mr. Erich Meyer to the Team!

Erich MeyerAll of us at Nuts About Hi Fi are very happy to welcome the newest member to our team, Mr. Erich Meyer. Erich comes to us with years of high end audio and video experience. We believe he is a perfect fit for our company not just because of his knowledge, but his desire to help our clients enjoy their systems to the fullest.

Erich has been a lover of audio as long as he can remember. His wide variety of musical tastes come from his mother and father always having music playing in the home and from 6 older siblings that had diverse influences. This sparked a life long interest in audio and technology. His mother Marie would tell everyone the story of how at age 7 Erich took apart his Kenner Close N Play Phonograph just hours after receiving it as a Birthday gift. He had parts all over the carpet of his bedroom. To everyone’s astonishment, he put it back together again and it worked!

As an audiophile, Erich wants to help customers recreate that feeling of sitting third row center in a live concert in the intimacy and comfort of their own home regardless of budget for today and tomorrow. He has worked in audio’s many facets for years, selling and installing high end audio throughout the northwest and feels privileged to have the opportunity to work at the Puget Sound’s best high end audio store and helping its fantastic customers. Erich’s journey to finding audio nirvana is an ongoing process that he loves to share with others in their quest too.

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